With your help, we can fix the mask shortage problem in America

Front line healthcare workers are the heroes fighting to keep America safe and it is Mask Relief’s mission to provide masks to any US healthcare heroes in need.

 With the help from the High Seas Trading Company we are able to provide masks with the highest quality fabric for our front line workers. The masks are specially designed for health care workers by health care workers. 

Health care workers across the country are battling against COVID-19 with little access to personal protective equipment (PPE). Due to a critical nationwide shortage, specialized face masks, like the N95 respirator, are being allocated and prioritized for doctors and nurses who are providing care of COVID-19 patients.

Everyone in health care is experiencing increased anxiety as the virus spreads,” said Julie Boyer, a registered nurse with 22 years of experience. “Without the necessary PPE [personal protective equipment] to safely treat patients, we are at greater risk of becoming the vector for the virus to be transmitted. If nurses and doctors become ill, we cannot treat patients.”

The specialized masks include a pocket for a filter and are constructed from the same material as hospital scrubs. The fabric is ideal, reusable, easily sterilized, and can be produced in mass scale to meet  immediate and critical needs,