Our Masks

We want to do everything possible to protect the medical heroes on the frontline battling this epidemic. This mask shortage is a problem that can be addressed by our volunteers stuck at home who want to make a difference. We provide all the materials and postage necessary to ensure the masks get made and then donated to one of the many American healthcare facilities which have reached out to us. 

Volunteer Effort

Everyone wants to join the effort in the coronavirus fight and we are generously providing the fabric and elastic needed to sew the protective gear for the front line heroes in this epidemic: healthcare workers and first responders.
The medical industry is in desperate need regarding the extreme shortage of masks for healthcare workers.  Many companies have shifted production, retooled, and are now making much-needed face masks for consumers, hospitals and clinics.  

   We are encouraging everyone to get behind the movement to create cloth masks for all the frontline workers. Our mission is to create 20,000 masks by the end of April. 

Our mission is to provide a mask for every American healthcare worker in need

The masks are double layered tightly woven combed cotton 180 count. Due to the global shortage of PPE, these cloth masks are being used as an acceptable alternative in hospitals per CDC guidelines. The fabrics that are utilized are regulated by the FTC and labor monitored by the labor board with safety regulated by OSHA. 

With the pandemic sweeping the globe, the lack of supplies has forced the CDC to change its guidance for medical workers. Initially, the agency advised those workers encountering patients suspected of having COVID-19 to wear only N95 respirators, which filter out small particles in the air. There are very few N95 respirators available and they are being allocated and prioritized for the most critical front line doctors and nurses for high-risk procedures.