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Whether you can donate $10 or $1,000 any donation is greatly appreciated. All of the money goes directly to protect American healthcare workers through this COVID19 pandemic.

Our largest expense at this time is expedited shipping to be used for urgent delivery of supplies to volunteers and then those masks to hospitals.



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Thank you for your interest in donating to help protect healthcare workers against COVID-19

Currently, many California nurses and doctors are working around the clock on the front lines without the necessary protective equipment they need to keep them safe from COVID-19.

Healthcare workers are more vulnerable because they are directly exposed to the virus. Due to a nationwide shortage, health care employers simply do not have the necessary masks to provide for frontline workers.  

Without the necessary PPE, nurses and doctors will be unable to safely treat patients and will be at greater risk of becoming vectors for the virus.  

Our cloth masks being manufactured by at home hero’s (our sewing volunteers).  The masks are meant to be worn over surgical masks. The mask is a machine-washable cover which is utilized to prolong the integrity of the equipment underneath. It is the best alternative we can figure to conserve N95 masks during this epidemic. 

Our masks are constructed from 180 thread count comb cotton fabric identical to the fabric used in medical scrubs. They are not N95s but due to the shortage of N95s, many hospitals are requesting any masks they can get. 

With your donation, our unpaid staff will use the money almost entirely for expedited shipping. This is by far our largest expense at this time, as we have volunteers all over the country who have been requesting kits to make masks to donate to healthcare workers. We have over 150 volunteers pledged to make thousands of masks to be donated to any of the dozen healthcare facilities that have reached out to us.

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